To enjoy Buffalo’s Best Pizza, be sure to visit GR8 Pizza. Using the freshest ingredients, all pizza dough, sauce and blue cheese is made daily. Whether enjoying domestic or imported ingredients, customers are assured all pizza and pasta items are tasty and ready-to-eat. Different from other pizza establishments, Buffalo Pizzeria customers know they will be treated like family when visiting GR8 Pizza. Making every customer feel at ease, the staff prides themselves on preparing and serving quality food using wholesome ingredients.

Understanding all customers’ needs, GR8 Pizza is constantly listening to customers’ suggestions to ensure everyone can enjoy a great pizza and Buffalo Wings. Welcoming customers with special dietary needs, GR8 Pizza is pleased to accommodate those requiring a gluten-free diet. All pizzas on GR8 Pizza’s menu are able to be made with a gluten-free crust.

Different from Other Pizza Restaurants
Another aspect that sets GR8 Pizza apart from others is their unique style. Specialty crusts are flavored with using great Italian seasonings. If preferring something inside your crust, diners can choose from a mozzarella cheese stuffed crust or choose to have their crusts stuffed with hot peppers. Unless specifically asking for traditional slicing, all pizza served here will come in square, rather than triangular, slices. If receiving a Buffalo Pizza Delivery and your pizza squares arrive fast, are made with quality ingredients and are delivered by friendly employees; you will know GR8 Pizza made your custom-ordered, pizza.

Specializing in Satisfying Hungry Appetites
Whether customers want Buffalo Subs, pizzas, wings or a combination of food, GR8 Pizza can satisfy the largest appetites. Specializing in combination meals and dinners, GR8 Pizza can feed one person or an entire room with a variety of appetizer, salad, sub, pizza and wing items. In fact, these Buffalo Pizza and Wing Specials are so popular; GR8 Bargains are one of the best selling items for people who want to enjoy both wings and pizza. Some of their most popular pizza and wing combinations include:

-        Mini Bargain (Large cheese and one item pizza with a 20-count wing serving),
-        Family Bargain (Large cheese and one item pizza with a 50-count wing bucket),
-        Party Bargain (1-Sheet Pizza or 2-Large one item pizzas with a 50-count wing bucket),
-        Mini Specialty Bargain (Large specialty pizza with a 20-count wing serving),
-        Family Specialty Bargain (1- Large cheese one item pizza and 1- Large specialty pizza with a 50-count wing bucket)

If interested in single-serve dinners, GR8 Pizza has a variety of small and large-portion dinners including pasta, seafood and BBQ ribs. For a complete menu listing, visit GR8 Pizza at http://www.gr8pizzausa.com/.



Gluten Free
Our Pizzas can now be ordered Gluten Free Pizza!

New Sheriff in Town!


Mini Bargain:
A. Medium Cheese & One Item Pizza with Single Wing (10)...$20.99- on the pit add $1.00

B. Large Cheese & One Item pizza with Double Wing (20)…$26.99- on the pit add $1.00

Family Bargain:
Large Cheese & One Item pizza with Bucket of wings (50)…$39.99- on the pit add $2.00

Party Bargain:
Sheet pizza or (2) large cheese & One Item pizza with Bucket of wings (50)…$49.99- on the pit add $2.00

Mini Specialty Bargain:
Large specialty pizza with a Double wing (20)…$28.99- on the pit add $1.00

Family Specialty Bargain:
(1) Large cheese & One Item pizza AND (1) Large Specialty pizza & Bucket of wings (50)…$51.99- on the pit add $2.00

Specialty Sheet & Bucket Bargain:
Specialty Sheet pizza & Bucket of Wings(50)…$53.99- on the pit add $2.00