Your search for an authentic Kenmore Pizzeria is over!

Performing Kenmore Pizza Delivery services for area residents, GR8 Pizza prides itself on serving quality pizzas found nowhere else. In fact, GR8 Pizza’s menu is so diverse and unexpected, there may be so many foods you wish to try; it may be hard to just pick one. Whether ordering a specialty pizza stuffed with a hot pepper crust or honey sesame breadsticks, customers searching for Kenmore’s Best Pizza will find it at GR8 Pizza.

Plenty of Great Subs
With more than ten cold subs and more than thirty hot subs on GR8 Pizza’s menu, this Kenmore Subs and pizza shop is a leader in the casual Italian dining industry. In fact, there are so many subs offered by GR8 Pizza, a person could eat one a day and still not sample GR8 Pizza’s entire sub menu. Whether preferring a hot or cold sub, there is something for everyone: meat lovers, veggie lovers and a little bit of both.

While it can sometimes be difficult for vegans and vegetarians to find veggie-friendly food on the menu, at GR8 Pizza, choices like the Spinach Ricotta, Eggplant & Spinach Parm, and Cheese subs for vegetarians, and the Veggie for vegans, allows specialty diners to enjoy great foods with friends; all made using freshly-chopped and prepared ingredients.

Pizza and More
If you are one of those people who enjoy sampling multiple specialties, you are a great candidate to try tasty Kenmore Pizza and Wing Specials at GR8 Pizza. Whether dining-in or having the food delivered to your home, pizza and wings will be served hot, ready-to-eat and prepared as ordered. Wings are served mild, medium, hot or suicidal. If unable to decide, start at a level you feel comfortable eating and work your way up from there. Don’t worry, since GR8 Pizza has been in the pizza and wing business since 2004, there will be plenty of time to return and try a more intense wing flavor.

Other specialty items include GR8 Pizza’s diverse appetizer selection. From tasty garlic breads, classic Italian salads to contemporary finger-food favorites, there is something for everyone at GR8 Pizza. In fact, the menu may be so tempting you will need to place a dine-in and carry-out order; all in one visit. To prepare, diners can visit GR8 Pizza’s menu online at   to assist with making an early ordering decision.



Gluten Free
Our Pizzas can now be ordered Gluten Free Pizza!

New Sheriff in Town!


Mini Bargain:
A. Medium Cheese & One Item Pizza with Single Wing (10)...$20.99- on the pit add $1.00

B. Large Cheese & One Item pizza with Double Wing (20)…$26.99- on the pit add $1.00

Family Bargain:
Large Cheese & One Item pizza with Bucket of wings (50)…$39.99- on the pit add $2.00

Party Bargain:
Sheet pizza or (2) large cheese & One Item pizza with Bucket of wings (50)…$49.99- on the pit add $2.00

Mini Specialty Bargain:
Large specialty pizza with a Double wing (20)…$28.99- on the pit add $1.00

Family Specialty Bargain:
(1) Large cheese & One Item pizza AND (1) Large Specialty pizza & Bucket of wings (50)…$51.99- on the pit add $2.00

Specialty Sheet & Bucket Bargain:
Specialty Sheet pizza & Bucket of Wings(50)…$53.99- on the pit add $2.00