When searching for the best Tonawanda Pizzeria, hungry locals need to make the quick commute to Buffalo and visit GR8 Pizza. If wanting a Tonawanda Pizza Delivery service, for a minimal delivery free, GR8 Pizza will be happy to deliver pizza; however nothing beats the great experience diners will receive when visiting the restaurant. If choosing to dine in, patrons will be greeted by an on-staff family member, can relax with the comforting aromas of authentically-prepared Italian cuisine and will enjoy sampling GR8 Pizza’s diverse menu selections.

A second-to-none contender for Tonawanda’s Best Pizza designation, diners can build their own pizzas or choose from one of over 35 specialty pizzas on Gr8 Pizza’s menu. Pizza is sold by the slice in 14” medium, 18” large and pizza “sheet” sizes. To try something different, GR8 Pizza offers guests a choice of unique specialty crusts in flavors such as:

-        BBQ,
-        Cajun,
-        Garlic,
-        Honey,
-        Honey BBQ,
-        Honey Sesame,
-        Italian,
-        Lemon Pepper,
-        Onion,
-        Poppy Seed,
-        Red Pepper,
-        Romano,
-        Sesame Seed

Showcasing Quality Subs
Using freshly-sliced meats, cheeses and vegetables, GR8 Pizza is proud to serve customers, searching for Tonawanda Subs, the finest subs found in any local, Italian restaurant. With over 30 varieties of hot subs/wraps and over 10 different cold subs/wraps on GR8 Pizza’s menu, diners can choose from enjoying an 8”, 12” and when available, a sub wrap. If planning a gathering, or if you can’t decide on one type of sub, customers can order one of GR8 Pizza’s Sub Platters; each containing up to 6 subs per platter, cut in squares. Regardless of sub size ordered, for a small fee, diners can add extra toppings to their subs consisting customer favorites like mushrooms, cherry peppers, spinach, double meats and cheeses, and more.

Offering Great Specials
Hungry diners, searching for Tonawanda Pizza and Wing Specials, will want to take advantage of GR8 Pizza’s combination specials. Known as “GR8 Bargains,” these pizza and wing specials will satisfy the most ravishing appetites. From the one or two-person sized Mini Bargain specials, to the multi-person Party Bargain special, diners who crave pizza and wing combination dinners will want to take advantage of these one-topping or specialty pizza and wing comfort foods. Depending on Bargain ordered, diners will either receive 20 or 50 wings, in their chosen flavor intensity.

To see which Bargain would best serve your needs, specials can be viewed at



Gluten Free
Our Pizzas can now be ordered Gluten Free Pizza!

New Sheriff in Town!


Mini Bargain:
A. Medium Cheese & One Item Pizza with Single Wing (10)...$20.99- on the pit add $1.00

B. Large Cheese & One Item pizza with Double Wing (20)…$26.99- on the pit add $1.00

Family Bargain:
Large Cheese & One Item pizza with Bucket of wings (50)…$39.99- on the pit add $2.00

Party Bargain:
Sheet pizza or (2) large cheese & One Item pizza with Bucket of wings (50)…$49.99- on the pit add $2.00

Mini Specialty Bargain:
Large specialty pizza with a Double wing (20)…$28.99- on the pit add $1.00

Family Specialty Bargain:
(1) Large cheese & One Item pizza AND (1) Large Specialty pizza & Bucket of wings (50)…$51.99- on the pit add $2.00

Specialty Sheet & Bucket Bargain:
Specialty Sheet pizza & Bucket of Wings(50)…$53.99- on the pit add $2.00